8. IRC Bots

8.1. Eggdrop


IRC Channel: #eggdrop on Undernet

Generally considered to be the IRC bot, Eggdrop offers robust channel protection, and is highly customisable through the use of Tcl scripting.

Multiple eggdrops can be linked together forming a botnet which can span multiple channels, or even networks. On networks without channel registration services, eggdrops are common feature in almost all large channels.

You can get the latest version of eggdrop from http://www.eggheads.org/downloads/ . Homepage at http://www.eggheads.org/

8.2. EnergyMech

Maintainer: Proton

IRC Channel: None

Early versions of EnergyMech (or emech as it is frequently called), earned a reputation as something of a script kiddie's bot, through it's ability to run multiple bots from a single process (thus allowing less desirable users to load up hundreds of vhosted clones from a shell account). This is a reputation emech does not deserve, since it is really a rather good channel protection bot, and recent versions of emech have restricted this capacity (to max 4 bots). A popular alternative to Eggdrop.

You can get the latest version of EnergyMech from http://www.energymech.net/download.html . Homepage at http://www.energymech.net/