1.5. Aknowledgements

Since I am still at the very start of this work here, I cannot claim to have carried out this operation to its end, but, as the saying says, those who have started, are already halfways

The following people contribute, directly or indirectly to this project and their help is hereby kindly aknowledged:

This book I dedicate it to my PapÓ Antonio. Hello PÓ.

Some quotes have been taken from the installation files of phpnuke.org.

The translators would like to thank the Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) and its reviewers, especially Tabatha Marshall and Greg Ferguson for their comments and efforts to make this document available from TLDP's plattform to a wider audience.

We are in search of available volunteers to translate this script in as many languages as possible. In the case you are interested in translating this book, write to webmaster@spaghettibrain.com, chris@karakas-online.de or visit the site that will have a classified section dedicated to this argument.