2.4. The Nuke Communities

A careful look is due to the true value of PHP-Nuke, that is the communities that you will find all around. Thanks to the voluntary job of these persons, of these sites, PHP-Nuke has become a well-known system and it is always thanks to them that PHP-Nuke is a multilanguage system that supports more than 25 languages.

Even the modules have been created mostly from developers in external communities and have, in second round, been included in new distributions of PHP-Nuke.

There are communities out there who are solely devoted to the creation of new graphical themes of PHP-Nuke, to technical support, file mirroring as well as a real lot of multilingual communities that take care of their members informing them in their local language, thus creating new personal ties and more focused projects.

Communities in Italian language:

Thanks to the work of these portals and single persons we have more than 500 different modules that may be used to personalize our portal, from the weather one to the e-commerce, the gallery of images to the chat realized in flash to the videogames in Java included in the layout of PHP-Nuke. Projects of particular interest are: Splatt.it (Forum for PHP-Nuke), PHP ProximaPHP Proxima (visual management of the layout of PHP-Nuke).