11.5. Foxserv, making PHP-Nuke work on Windows Systems

There exists an application that installs PHP + MySQL + Apache in a simple and fast way, configuring your operating system to emulate a local Web server. This is very useful, as it allows us to experiment with PHP-Nuke and our modifications locally.

The software is called Foxserv, has reached version 3.0, but I recommend using version 2.0 which is much easier to use.

The installation is very simple, it is enough to launch the FoxServ-2.0core.exe file, proceed with the installation inserting any data (nothing is needed besides user and password of the DB) and then start using it!

When launching the foxserv control panel, you will have to activate apache and mysql, type in your browser the address http://localhost/and the web page will appear as if it were on any Internet server.

Suppose that you have installed everything in c:\foxserv. The PHP folders have to be inserted under the folder www. For example if we want to insert a nuke56 installation, we create the folder c:\foxserv\www\nuke56\ and load there all the content of the HTML folder of our PHP-Nuke (in the config.php of PHP-Nuke we will leave "localhost" as our host, "root" as user and nothing as password).

In order to reach PHPMyAdmin (even this is preinstalled), the address will be http://localhost/phpmyadmin/.

ImportantImportant note

The file php.ini (which is located, depending on the operating system, in c:\windows, c:\windows\system, c:\winnt or c:\winnt\system\) contains paths to a disc f:

The only modification that you will have to make consists in:


The folder "php" contains also a php.ini, but it is not the file that interests us.