3.3. The preinstalled blocks

Advertising Block:

From this release on we have the possibility to insert our banners also in the blocks (buttons various of dimensions) being managed as if it were our own circuiting banner, counting clicks, impressions etc...


Displays the most active content.


lists all active encyclopedias, clicking the link will bring us directly inside the list of terms of the chosen encyclopedia.


The forums block lists the last 10 posted messages and a search engine that executes a query on all the posts of the forum.

Last 5 articles:

It lists the last 5 published articles offering information on how many readings and how many comments have been made.

Last 10 referers:

It lists the sites from which the last 10 visits have arrived.


It is a block that manages the recurrent events. It lists the events happened on the same date but in the previous years.


It lists in a block the book reviews of the day.

Sections Articles:

lists the active sections. Clicking one we will get to the corresponding article list.

Top 10 Downloads:

It lists the 10 most downloaded files.

Top 10 Links:

It lists the 10 most clicked links in the archives.